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    Down Under on the Move

Is wild camping allowed?

No, wild camping is illegal at all times. As long as nowhere is indicated that camping is allowed, it is forbidden and therefore punishable to go camping or spend the night(s) there. Also note whether it is a so-called 'day use area', where you are only allowed to recreate between sunrise and sunset. Please know that fines are high for illegal camping, especially if you do it in combination with lighting a campfire. Note; it is not a given that there is a sign everywhere, which is especially true for so-called private land. If you go camping on such a spot and it turns out to be private land, you can get into trouble with the landowner.

A good alternative to spending the night at a car park and/or rest area is a National Park campground. These are obviously in the middle of nature and are either free or you can camp there for a small fee (except in the state of Victoria).

How does 24 hours road side assistance work?

Each 4WD camper is rented with the mandatory 24 hours roadside assistance insurance. A camper supplier is affiliated with assistance organisations like the Australian Automobile Association, the NMRA, RAQ, RACV, etc. Which one exactly depends on where the head office of the supplier is located (which state). In case of a breakdown you need to call a (possibly) free phone number which can be found in the 4WD manual and/or can be found on a sticker on the windscreen of the camper. You can assume that you will be helped professionally and that the assistance agency will report the 4WD camper supplier about the support  that was provided and/or which malfunction it concerned and of the course the costs. If the caused damage is not your own fault, like a broken dynamo, then you won’t have any costs at all. If the damage is caused because you drove through a river crossing with high speed for example and it’s noticed by roadside assistance this person will report this to the camper supplier and you have to pay the repair costs when dropping of the 4WD.

Please keep in mind that in the event of a report of damage roadside assistance will be much quicker on-site in the populated south-east corner of the country in contrast to damage on a track in a secluded part of the Outback. From the feedback from our customers we learn that they very rarely have to deal with motor- or mechanical damage. That’s because almost every 4WD camper supplier chooses Toyota which is well known as a reliable brand. A large part of the Australian that own a 4WD have opted for a Toyota as well and therefore the most common parts are even available in the tiniest towns of the Outback. Our advise is: Always use common sense while driving on unsealed roads and decrease your speed in case of a bad road surface to minimize the change of malfunction or damage.

What models of 4WD campers are/can be equipped with a toilet?

These are a Landcruiser motorhome, Hilux 2-4 berth, Trailfinder and Pop-up 4WD with slide-out kitchen. Please note that these models can only be rented from Perth, Broome or Darwin.

What are flex rates?

These rates are influenced by supply and demand. Most camper suppliers in Australia use these prices to ensure the most efficient implementation of the rental scheme. Every weekend, the rent prices per day are adjusted depending on the amount of campers available in a specific place and specific time period. The prices indicated by us are always valid until the next weekend. The prices may increase, but may sometimes decrease as well. However, because the total availability for a specific date will always decrease, the prices almost always increase rather than decrease. In case of low availability, a camper supplier may decide to increase the flex rate during weekdays.

In short, the earlier you book a camper, the cheaper it will be. Remember, the closer one books to the desired pickup date, the lower the availability will be and the higher the price will be.
If you book a camper at a certain flex rate, this rate will not change upon your arrival in Australia. After a successful booking, the flex rate will always remain the same. The price at which you book is the definitive price.


Do last minute camper deals exist?

No, this rarely happens due to the flex-rates. It works the other way around, the sooner you obtain a car or camper, the cheaper it will be. Waiting idly or browsing endlessly will seldom lead to any financial advantage because the odds are that the flex-rates can or will rise (heftily) in the meantime. This is especially true for the month of October to January.


Do you offer flight tickets and accommodation?

No, as of a few years ago we no longer offer flight tickets and accommodation. Fares were/are subject to frequent change, which took up considerable time to process at the expensive of our core activity, namely renting out campers in Australia. By letting go of the flight tickets, we have been able to tremendously improve our camper rental service. In hindsight, we are glad we made the choice. The same is true for accommodation. What we can do is advise you about proper accommodation in the Australian cities, if not based on our own experiences.


Can we pick up or drop off our camper/car at the airport?

No. You can never pick up a camper at an airport in Australia, only at a nearby depot. Exceptions are a number of Apollo, Britz and Maui models, these can be picked up at Hobart Airport.


Are pick-ups and returns possible after the depot’s closing time?

It is never possible to pick-up a car or camper after closing time. Most suppliers ask that you pick-up or return a car or camper before 4.00 PM. Depending on the vehicle supplier and the season in which the travel takes place, the pick-up can be at 7.30, 8.00, 9.00 or 10.00 AM.


Can I pick up or drop off a camper in Yulara/Ayers Rock?

No, this is not possible with any type of camper. The nearest location with depots is Alice Springs (460 kilometers). Please note that for each camper arriving/leaving in/from the remote area of Alice Springs, we charge a rental period of 7 days. 


Is a transfer from and to the camper depots free of charge?

In Australia, you are almost always required to travel from the airport/your accommodation to the depot at your own cost. The same applies when returining the 4WD camper. The taxi costs of the transfer to the depot will be reimbursed for a small number of campers. We will indicate this in the quotation.


What is the best way to travel to a depot?

A taxi is the easiest and fastest way to travel to and from a depot. Taxis in Australia are affordable.