Darwin-Perth per 4WD camper

Without a shadow of a doubt, either a 4WD camper. Western Australia and the Northern Territory are genuine 4x4 destinations. There are countless beautiful spots to visit if you travel by 4WD.

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4x4 campervans in Australia

Traveling the dirt roads of Australia requires thorough preparation. At Australia Campers, you have come to the right place. Australia is home to many unpaved roads that lead to beautiful campsites.

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Route planning Australia

To make your vacation successful it’s very important to make a good itinerary and keep to it. If you only have a couple of weeks, it’s better to travel through a small part of the continent to ...

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Hilux Pod

Cheapa Trailfinder


Campervan rentals in Australia

You can travel through Australia in several ways. A lot of travelers follow the highway by car and spend their nights in hotels, motels or hostels. But if you really want to discover and experience the country, you should go camping. When traveling by (4x4) campervan or motorhome, you’ll enjoy total freedom. If you like to keep it simple, a (4x4)car with camping gear is a good alternative to a camper. Australia is a perfect country to hire an RV (Recreational Vehicle) or campervan and go camping, there are thousands of campsites and camping areas on the continent. They are situated nearby the cities, next to the ocean, close to the rainforest or in remote areas. There are thousands of commercial camping and caravan parks with good sanitary facilities, campers kitchens, playgrounds and perhaps even a swimming pool. You can also stay at one of the numerous National Park camping grounds with your (4x4)camper. Here you won’t have a lot of luxurious facilities but it will make you experience Australia to the fullest. If you’re lucky you might spot some native animals like kangaroos, koala’s, possum’s, blue fairy wrens, king parrots and rainbow lorikeets. In most cases there are good places to go for a walk nearby the camping grounds. And if it’s allowed you can enjoy a campfire at night and listen to the sounds of the forest under a great starry sky.

4x4 campers and 4WD cars in Australia

4WD camper hire in Australia? Traveling the dirt roads by 4x4 camper or 4WD car requires thorough preparation. At Australia Campers, you have come to the right place. Australia is home to countless dirt roads and many 4WD tracks and lots lead to beautiful campsites. The country is a true playground for the off-road enthusiast. There is a lot to discover down under. Even in the not-so-immediate areas, dirt roads or 4WD tracks lead to wonderful bush campings or gorgeous coastlines. Are you traveling with children? They often enjoy a bush camping just as much as a commercial camping with various facilities!

Off road experience

Whether traveling with children or not, after booking you will receive a guide containing lots of tips on driving a 4WD car or 4x4 camper. All information is based on our very own off-road driving experiences. Several of our employees have experience traveling unpaved roads across all parts of Australia with their families (periods ranging from 6 weeks to 6 months). For example, a colleague traveled the Perth-Darwin route four times, as well as the (often underrated) Red Centre by 4WD car or 4x4 camper.

Route and camping tips

Travelling through (South)East Australia? After your booking, you will receive a lot of nice and useful tips about campings, National Parks and so forth, where you get to see the most amazing indigenous animals. A valuable addition to your planning! RV rental Australia? Travelling by (budget) campervan, motorhome, 4x4 car or 4WD camper? Contact Australia Campers!