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Australia Campers - Terms & Conditions 2020-2021

We advise all customers to read these general terms and conditions prior to sending in your booking form to Australia Campers. By doing this, you are always up-to-date with the terms at the time of booking our campervan or motorhome. These terms are an addition to the terms of the vehicle supplier your campervan or motorhome will be booked with.

Bookings: you can book a campervan or motorhome through our website using the online booking form. After we receive the completely filled booking form from you, the booking will be placed in the booking system of the relevant camper supplier. The supplier will send us the temporary booking confirmation which we should check in detail. After we accept it your booking is final. Within 24 hours after your booking we send you a booking confirmation by e-mail, followed by a rental confirmation form and invoice within a few days.

Deposit and remaining amount: European customers can pay into the bank acccount of our Dutch department. The booking deposit has always to be paid to Australia Campers, after receipt of an invoice. The remaining amount of your rental can be paid in some cases on pickup of the vehicle but with most rental companies you have to pay 28 to 60 days prior to pickup. Visa and MasterCard incur fees of up to 2.2% and Amex and Diners card up to 4.5%. Due to their high costs for the retailers, Diners and Amex cards are not widely accepted in Australia and we would discourage people of using them. Visa and MasterCard are accepted virtually everywhere in the country, from petrol stations to supermarkets! Another option is to pay the remaining amount to our bank account, by credit card or bank transfer. Please note: at very low availability and within 60 days of the pickup date, the total rental amount must be paid directly to our bank account after receiving the forms, this will be stated in your detailed quote. 

Security bond: on pickup of your campervan or motorhome a bond needs to be paid by credit card. The bond consists of making an authorised imprint of your credit card or is equal to the liability and will be deducted from your credit card. This will be refunded on return of the vehicle as soon as the vehicle has been checked for damage. 

Changes: it is possible to change a date or pickup/drop-off city after booking, availability permitting. Contact us for details in case you deem it necessary to change your booking as some of the rental companies charge a fee for doing this. Larger companies also will calculate the new flex rate after a change. This means that the balance amount will increase so please consider any changes carefully.

Cancellation: please choose carefully when confirming a vehicle. In case you need to cancel your booking, please note that the paid booking deposit is mostly forfeited, plus admin costs may be charged. On top of the forfeited booking deposit the standard cancellation fees of the rental company your vehicle is booked with, can apply. You will find all details in your extended quotation.

Covid-19: if you would like to cancel the outstanding rental period due to Covid-19, the cancellation fee as mentioned in your extended quotation always apply. This also applies if you have previously postponed the rental period. Nevertheless, there are tenants wish to receive back their total paid amount. This surprises us and in addition it’s very disappointing as we would like to emphasise that everyone is served well by us and they disregard the fact that we need our bread and butter as well entirely. An argument that come through several times was that the trip/rent was cancelled outside of their own fault and they therefore would like to receive the full amount back. That sounds quite logical, however if their would be no corona crisis and something might happen outside of your own fault this would also mean that you’re not tied to cancellation fees which is utmost illogical. 

If you want to cancel your coming trip due the corona crisis we strongly recommend to postpone your trip to 2022 so you don't lose the cancellation fee and you’re ensured of a 4WD camper in any case and still can make the much-desired trip.

Vehicle pickup: in the unlikely event that on pickup, you detect something on the vehicle that is not quite right, we advise you to report this immediately to the staff members of the pickup depot. The hirer should always check the inventory items and discuss possible missing/damaged items with the staff members so it can be rectified before you leave the pickup depot. As a booking agent, Australia Campers, cannot be held responsible for complaints of this kind, which are part of the contract between hirer and vehicle supplier. If you have any questions regarding the vehicle the depot managers and/or staff members are always there to help you. 

Rental contract: the booking confirmation and the rental confirmation form that you receive by mail is a confirmation of the booking and a proof of deposit and/or payment, it’s not a rental contract. The rental contract will be handed to you when you pick-up the camper. After you have read the contract and approve the conditions you need to sign the contract. This is a legal document in Australia and all camper suppliers use this way of working. By signing the contract you declare the state of the camper and the rental conditions that apply. It is rather common that a hirer detects a defect, doesn’t like the interior or finds out something that is wrongly charged. If this is the case you should directly contact the staff of the depot. You’re still on-site or close to the depot and a problem can be fixed on short notice mostly. Unfortunately hirers contact us, Australia Campers, with a problem instead of contacting the depot. Please note that the rental contract is between the hirer and the vehicle supplier and should be adhered to. Australia Campers cannot make any payments or any decisions regarding payments or compensations to the customers on behalf of the vehicle supplier. If the rental contract is signed only direct communication between the hirer and the camper supplier is possible. We’ll stay out of it because you signed a rental contract as a legal document in Australia.

‘No show’ on pickup day: if the hirer does not collect the vehicle on the day mentioned in the rental confirmation, he or she will be liable for the full outstanding rental amount. This will be invoiced to you and must be paid within 5 working days to the vehicle supplier. For this reason, please inform us and/or the vehicle supplier as soon as possible if your flight and therefore your vehicle pickup is heavily delayed.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.