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Please read the below information before filling out the enquiry form.

  • There are never 4WD campers available from Melbourne.
  • In the months of December to March, we do not offer 4WD campers to/from Broome, Cairns and Darwin due to the wet season.
  • Please check the depot locations on the page of your desired 4WD camper model. Most models are rented from/to Perth, Broome and Darwin. Other cities like Sydney have a very limited supply all year.
  • Our minimum rental period is 21 days. This also applies if you pick up and return in the 4WD camper at the same location, for example when renting from and to Perth. 
  • Fraser Island: the only models accepted on Fraser Island are the 2/3 berth Hitop Bushcampers, others are not allowed there so no 4/5 berth 4WD campers!! It helps to know that throughout the year only three of the Hitop Bushcampers are available for rent on the east coast. Please note: the Hitop Bushcampers are booked out up to and including November 2023.
  • E-mail addresses: if you wish to receive the price quotation on your Hotmail, Gmail, T-online, GMX or Yahoo e-mail address, then keep an eye on your spam box! A fair number of our quotations are seen as spam because they contain English links. This keeps many quotations hidden from the addressee.

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