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The photos on this page are taken and submitted by travellers who booked their 4WD camper with us for their trip through Australia with full satisfaction. All photos on this page are property of these travellers and are protected by copy- and portrait rights. Under no circumstances, it is allowed to copy, use, change, send or exploit in any other way unless you’ve got explicit consent of the owner or Australia Campers. Take a look at some of these photos and see what camping in Australia means, like a stay on a commercial camping or a campground in a National Park. 

4WD Bush Camper Australia
A.Oostenbrug - Poptop Bushcamper - Shark Bay WA

4x4 camper hire Darwin Australia
J.Beekman - LC Workmate - Tower Rock NT

Rent a 4WD camper Australia
S.Winkelhaus - LC Workmate - Davenport Range NT

Britz Safari Landcruiser Hire Australia
K.Duteweert - Britz Safari Landcruiser - El Questro WA

Land Cruiser Workmate 4WD for hire
J.Verlinden - LC Workmate - Reynolds River Track NT

Hilux 4WD Camper Australia
B.Coenen - Hilux Pod - Nearby Winton QLD

Britz Safari Landcruiser 4x4 Camper Australia
C.Spelt - Britz Safari Landscruiser - Karijini NP WA

Hitop Bush Camper Perth-Darwin
J.Beekman - Bushcamper with winch - Mt Nameless WA

Cheapa 4WD Camper Perth Australia
K.Duerlig - Cheapa 4WD - Cable Beach Broome WA

Hilux 4x4 Camper Roof Tent Australia
M.Brunn - Hilux Pod - Rudall River NP WA

Australia Cheapa 4WD Camper
L.Langenberg - Cheapa 4WD - Keep River NP NT

Apollo Adventure 4WD Camper Hire
E.Timmerhuis - Apollo Adventure 4WD - Kooljaman WA

4WD Camper Rental Darwin Australia
E.Vermeersch - Apollo Adventure 4WD - Termite Mound NT

Bamaga Ferry Cape York Australia
J.Streamlet - Troopy Rooftop - Bamaga Ferry QLD 

A. de Koning - LC Workmate - Cockatoo on visit WA