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After the Australian Government announced that a 14-day self isolation was obliged to all international travellers right after arrival in Australia we’ve received many questions from concerned travellers/hirers. This results in a huge backlog of work which made it impossible to answer everyone as prompt as usually.

The self-isolation applies until March 31. We kindly ask you to only contact us if your trip starts before this date and you want to change or cancel your trip. We are therefore obliged to give priority to answer the questions from those who leave between now and March 31.

If your departure date is after March 31, we would kindly ask you to await the situation and see how it develops as it changes quickly. Also because a corona-detectionkit was released that can show the results within several hours.

We have received the question from a lot of hirers if it’s allowed to spend the 14-day period of self-isolation in and around the camper. We haven’t got an answer on this question yet as the Australian Government haven’t mentioned anything in their notifications yet. As soon as there is more information we will release it on this page. If you asked us a question regarding this topic you will  receive an email from us as well. In this document you will find a lot of information regarding self-isolation.

Several hirers informed us that they will make the trip to Australia despite the self-isolation. They will stay in a rented home with a garden or a cabin on a camping. For these hirers we have postponed the rental period of the camper with 14 days. If you’ve got the possibility to extend your trip with 2 weeks this might be an option for you as well. Of course, you first have to get through 2 full weeks but after this period you still can make the desired trip.

The applicable cancellation costs are mentioned in the extended quotation. If you actually cancel your booked camper these percentages apply. You might consider to make your camper trip later this year where we will rebook your camper. The rental price paid remains outstanding then. In that case you’d best first contact the airline company to ask if it’s possible to get a refund on the original planned trip and if it’s possible to use the made flight costs for later this year.

Besides we’ve got no idea how the Australian Government will control the self-isolation. Something we don’t no either now is how far you’re allowed to travel from the airport to the place of self-isolation by camper.