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Closed borders

On March 20th, Australia closed its borders to foreign travellers. It is unclear for how long this measure will last. The result is that many flights for March until July have been cancelled by the airlines. For the time being, the months of August and further are not yet affected. So for now, we request that you only contact us if your trip starts in August or September 2020 and you wish to reschedule or cancel it. Hopefully you can understand our late reply during these hard times. 

Wet season

If you are planning to move your camper trip to the last months of 2020, please keep in mind that many people who were supposed to travel in March, April, May and June are also doing this, the availabilty for October and November 2020 is very low. If you were intending to travel from Perth to Darwin, and you are now looking to have the trip later this year, please also keep in mind that most unsealed roads in the Top End and Kimberley close as per November 1st due to the oncoming wet season. You would be better off turning the trip around, where you would start in Darwin by mid-October at the latest. 

Apollo Overlander and X-terrain

If you would like to postpone your trip to the same period next year like many other tenants, please keep in mind that the availability for the months July and August is low, this specially applies to the 4WD’s in which you can travel with 3, 4 or 5 persons. Apollo withdrawn all 4 berth 4WD’s (X-terrain's and Overlanders) as per the 1st of May. There is a chance that both models won't be coming back.

3, 4 and 5 berth 4WD campers

Because of the loss of the Apollo Overlanders the fleet of the 3, 4 and 5 berths (which isn’t that big already) will be reduced enormously. Therefor our expectation is that these 4WD’s will be booked out on very short notice for July and August 2021, the so-called off road high season. If you should travel with 3 persons or more and you would like to cancel you rental period instead of postpone it, please be aware that if you decide later this year to book a 3, 4 or 5 berth 4WD camper for next year's July and August, there is a very good chance that there will be no more availability.

If you need to cancel your upcoming trip due the current crisis and your travel party consists of 3, 4 or 5 persons, we strongly recommend to postpone your trip to next year so you’re ensured of a 4WD in any case and still can make the much-desired trip.

Because of the dry season in the tropics the best months to travel are May till September and most logically every who would want to travel from Perth to Darwin (or vice versa) will be head out in these months. It’s important to know that Britz keeps their 4WD’s in the garage from mid-November till mid-April. For this reason in these months the amount of 3, 4 or 5 person 4WD’s campers available for rent is even lower in comparison with the months May till September.

Cancellation fee

Would you like to to cancel the current outstanding rental period the cancellation costs as mentioned in your detailed quotation apply. Nevertheless, there are tenants wish to receive back their total paid amount. That has surprised us and in addition it’s disappointing as we would like to emphasise that everyone is served well by us and they disregard the fact that we need our bread and butter as well entirely. An argument that came through several times was that the trip/rent was cancelled outside of their own fault and they therefore would like to receive the full amount back. That sounds quite logical, however if their would be no corona crisis and something might happen outside of your own fault this would also mean that you’re not tied to cancellation costs which is utmost illogical. Above all it’s the relevant camper supplier that determines the height of the costs which we have to calculate. Good to know is that the conditions of a supplier are subject to change without notice, which is lawfully in Australia. But don't worry: If you would make the trip next year in (almost) the same period, then the cancellation fee, booking deposit or full rental price already paid will be settled with the new rental period.

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